Rajshri Solid Doors

Solid Doors are made from Rajshri PVC Sheets and are available in a wide variety of designs, colours and constructions and are suitable for requirements in low cost housing to the grand places of millionaries. The doors are made by fusing the stiles, rails and other joints using PVC solvent cement to ensure completely water-proof sealed joints which are permanent.

These doors have proven performance for more than 8 years in water splash areas like toilets / bathrooms. The construction of Rajshri Solid Doors provides unmatched performance unlike other plastic doors, which fail on performance.Rajshri Solid Panel PVC Doors perform like wood while offering durability of plastic.

30mm Rajshri Solid Panel PVC Doors are made up of 5mm PVC Sheets and have reinforcement of MS frame.Solid Panel PVC Doors in good number have been installed in various military barracks and are performing satisfactorily till date in spite of their rough usage.